P90X: Day 10

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Challenges, P90X, Workout DVDs

Woohoo!  Ten days down!  

Today started out crappy, but turned out great, thanks to my sweet hubby.  He knew I was feeling kind of down today, so after lunch he took half a personal day off of work to spend the day with me and make me feel better.  He’s the best!

I arrived to a packed out Zumba class at the gym at 5:15pm, so that always makes class even more fun and energetic.  Thanks to all of you who attended!  You guys rock!

After hubby made dinner, read the boys a story, and put the kids to bed, we went out to the garage for our nightly sweat session… with P90X.  It’s Day 10, so we did Shoulders & Arms plus Ab Ripper X.

I pretty well matched or exceeded all my recorded reps/weights from last week on the Shoulders & Arms dvd.  On one exercise I did less reps than last week, but it was only because I recognized that I was doing the exercise improperly.  So, fixing my form caused it to be more difficult, thus the drop in repetitions.   I do a lot of reps so that I build lean muscle.  Don’t want to get bulky (though I probably don’t have sufficient testosterone for that anyway….).

For Ab Ripper X, I’m getting better at the V-Up Roll Ups.  Woot!  AND, I did all 40 Mason Twists at the end without stopping for a break.  Usually I have to stop a couple of times because my quads start burning and my lower back starts hurting.  So my legs and core must be getting stronger!  Yay!

I.  Am.  Beat.

I’m supposed to run the bridge with a couple of friends at 5:30 in the morning… BUT, I don’t know if that’s actually going to happen.  I feel like I could sleep for days!  Not just 4 hours or less.  lol


Ooh, ooh!  Fantastic news:  My P90X Challenge Group is filling up!  I’m beyond excited for these 5 people!  I can’t wait to see the results they have in 90 days!

There are only a couple spots left.  Deadline for signing up is Monday, January 30!  Message me on Facebook for info if you’re interested in finding out more details!  The Challenge Group will start on Monday, February 6. They’ll be done just in time for the summer beach season!!!


Do YOUR best and forget the rest!


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